Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research

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At Escalent, we believe success can be predicted and measured. We are data omnivores who combine quantitative analysis techniques with exceptional minds to solve your business problems. After all, the true power of data is the ability to use them to affect meaningful progress for our clients. Our rigor, resources and experience make our Marketing & Data Sciences team unmatched in the industry.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research methods that fuse data to solve tough challenges

Escalent’s team of 10 data and marketing scientists are exceptionally smart and draw on postgraduate training and credentials in diverse fields such as economics, applied mathematics, operations research, statistics, and psychology. But what makes them uncommon is their ability to use data science information to address real, everyday business challenges, and their agility in providing rapid, simple solutions.

It’s the fusion of quantitative survey analysis and behavioral, transactional and third-party data. It’s segmentations made actionable by algorithms that identify targets in client databases. It’s simulating choices and expected outcomes through predictive modeling that clients use to plan product and service strategies. And it’s our data scientists using the latest tools like machine-learning algorithms and AI or a classical technique to make sure the data solve your business problems.

Elevate your research from theoretical to operational with quantitative business analysis

The solution to your business challenges lies at the intersection of “why?” and “what?” Blending behavioral and attitudinal data elevates quantitative marketing research from the theoretical to the operational, creating far-reaching implications for your organization.

Our team leverages an arsenal of quantitative methods to bring insights to life and has decades of experience helping clients navigate issues related to markets, brands, products and customer lifecycle. This includes segmentation techniques that link to client databases, providing immediate impact for sales and marketing teams. And customized choice modeling exercises that allow product teams to simulate complex competitive scenarios.

Clients also leverage our disruptive techniques like Tech TrustBuilder™, a behavioral science-based framework to understand why it’s imperative for people to trust technology that powers your brand, and Mobii™, a mobile-based solution that delivers user feedback on actual purchases so you know for certain what consumers bought and what they really think.

Knowing better and growing faster is possible with advanced quantitative analysis.

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