Secondary Research

Secondary Research

Find a world of insight in secondary (desk) market research

There’s a wealth of insight in the public domain … if you know where to look. And what to do with it. Analysis of secondary data packs a formidable punch for a modest investment. It’s a great primer for primary research, but it offers even more value. Secondary (desk) market research can be your eyes on the world, a dynamic view of markets, trends, customers, competitors, and new opportunities.

Secondary Research

Use secondary market research data to maximize your research budget

It’s no secret we’re staunch advocates and skilled practitioners of qualitative and quantitative research. There’s no substitute for unearthing human truths from the primary source. We also know the value of listening to and learning from secondary market research data.

By tapping into public (though not necessarily easy-to-find) resources, secondary research provides baseline information to generate hypotheses so you can design an efficient primary research plan that gets to the core of your business question. Use secondary research methods to maximize both your market research budget and your project outcome.

Industry expertise and advanced data analytics drive our secondary research practice

Anyone can search the internet, but skilled secondary researchers know where to look and how to structure actionable findings of desk-based research. In addition to common news sources and competitive websites, our analysts go hard after secondary data by mining industry reports, trade associations, medical journals, government portals, regulatory agencies, and scientific resources, to name a few.

What we won’t do is hand over a cut-and-paste data dump. Escalent’s secondary researchers are also industry experts, each with a breadth of experience in specific industries, geographies, and markets. They’ll structure and synthesize information into actionable, executive-ready reporting to help you fully realize secondary research benefits.

And Escalent takes secondary research methodology a step further by integrating secondary data with your internal and external data sources to answer your most complex business questions.

Stay ahead of competitors, spot market trends through secondary data analysis, and lay the groundwork for strategic primary.

Ask about secondary research from industry and analytics experts.

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