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Brand Elements

An iconic brand identity needs no introduction

Brand elements are strange and wonderful. They work their way into our consciousness, inspiring us through elements like “Coca-Cola red,” a beloved mascot, or a distinct aesthetic. When brand logos, colors, fonts, imagery and sound are done well, they instinctively convey what your brand stands for without saying a word.

Brand Elements

Personify your brand’s ideals through expressive brand elements

We believe brand elements are important parts of a whole that work together to create something bigger—and more meaningful—that personifies your brand and evokes an emotional response.

Escalent’s approach centers on exploratory brand research, ideation and validation. It informs your creative department, engages consumers in refinement and selection, and dramatically increases the chances that you will create expressive, memorable brand components that represent your brand’s ideals and purpose. Over the years, we’ve helped transform our clients’ brand elements into cultural icons, and we can do the same for you.

Creating evocative branding elements with a consumer-driven approach

Explore: Exploratory research inspires your designers to develop brand elements through the consumer lens. The tools Escalent uses—consumer anthropology, ideation focus groups and in-depth interviews—are driven by your goals. And we know how to find the right participants, tapping into Creatives, Lead Users and Brand Advocates who think abstractly and creatively.

Capture & Refine: An in-person, collaborative workshop with your stakeholders follows to review results and build on consumer insights. The result is a creative brief that captures the functional and emotional insights needed to create your brand identity elements.

Optimize & Validate: We partner with your development team to ensure the consumer voice is woven into the final iterations of your brand elements. Then we test natural combinations of your branding elements together, using strategic combinations of qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate, optimize and validate recommendations.

These steps lead to confident actions, knowing that the face of your brand has been informed by your consumers every step of the way.

Turn your brand elements into cultural icons.

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