Partner Scouting
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Partner Scouting

Many prospective partners; one right match

There’s nothing like finding your perfect match. But promising prospective partners are hard to find. Be it a best-fit strategic partner or the right entity to implement your next technology systems overhaul. Tech is fickle, transitory. Will the transformative technology solution you implement today still be by your side tomorrow? There’s a lot you want to know before swiping right.

Partner Scouting

Partner scouting for brands on the move

If your brand has entered a new geography or customer segment or is planning to, then you know the challenge of finding a partner who gets you. Escalent helps businesses find partners that complement their value proposition, fill gaps, and drive growth. Our partner scouting framework scours the landscape based on a mix of criteria—be it market presence, customer base, financial strength, or brand fit, to name a few.

Escalent will rank and evaluate these prospective partners and do a deep dive on your top prospects. With our deep industry knowledge and experience in global markets, you’ll start your next partnership with confidence.

Technology partner scouting for business transformation

A mismatched software solution or an unsuitable systems integrator can spell the end of your transformation journey. Technology scouting for business transformation requires a nuanced understanding of the tech solutions landscape combined with your business vision. That’s what Escalent delivers.

Technology solutions are ever-evolving. New players are constantly emerging and challenging the big names with more nimble and specialized solutions. Is it better to partner with a rising star or an established leader? The answer depends on your environment and business goals. With our technology scouting framework, we’ll find the right prospective partners for near-term business transformation and monitor the partner landscape to keep tabs on future matches.

Find your perfect match to create lasting value.

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