Making an existing transactional segmentation more actionable
Success Stories | Making an existing transactional segmentation more actionable

Making an existing transactional segmentation more actionable

Business Issue

A global quick-serve restaurant (QSR) had a wealth of transactional data from their customers. While mining this data, their analytics team identified five key segments that were differentiated by their category behaviors. While this information was useful for understanding what their customers were doing, it lacked the contextual details of consumers’ priorities, needs, motivations and attitudes behind their decisions. The solution also only focused on their current customers’ behavior with their brand, which didn’t serve one of the QSR’s key strategic priorities to expand their customer base and increase frequency.

To better understand their category consumers, the company partnered with Escalent to uplevel their segmentation with an augmented approach that provided the deeper details necessary to expand the brand.

What We Did

Escalent created a custom multi-dimensional segmentation approach that kept the QSR’s existing consumer segments at the core of the new solution.

We began by conducting a large-scale online survey with current and prospective customers to understand their category behaviors, attitudes, motivations and needs. We linked the survey data with transactional data for the brand’s current customers, developing a direct connection between the existing segmentation and the additional contextual dimensions from our study.

Leveraging Escalent’s advanced analytics team, we designed a new model to transition the existing consumer segments into enhanced segments that provided in-depth findings around purchase behaviors, attitudes, needs and demographics.


Working closely with our clients’ analytics, marketing and consumer insights teams, Escalent delivered a segmentation solution that worked for both current and prospective customers. This new solution provided the depth of information and context around consumer behaviors and transactions that the marketing and product development teams needed.

With the ability to be applied to the client’s transactional data as well as our survey-based data, we provided our clients with a flexible solution that delivered the insights they sought to inform overall brand, marketing and product development strategies, and create a plan for future growth.

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