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Brand Positioning

Memorable first impressions rely on exceptional brand positioning

The birth—or rebirth—of a brand is a remarkable opportunity. And launching one requires a major investment, so it pays to do it right. The first time. Whether you see an opportunity to innovate, need to challenge an impending threat, or feel the urgency to stay ahead in a radically changing market, entering the market with the right competitive positioning is the key to winning hearts and minds.

Brand Positioning

Carve out a crisp brand position by combining the head and the heart

The world’s most beloved brands understand that a market entrance can be a make-or-break proposition, so their brand strategy does three things really, really well:

  • Scour the market landscape, including the competitive space
  • Define their target segments with surgical precision
  • Obsessively align their position with core strengths, values and desired emotional connections

Escalent believes successful brand positioning combines the head and the heart. Our solution is rooted in deep collaboration with you, working together to identify white space opportunities that speak to consumers’ emotional and rational needs and authentically reflect the DNA of our clients’ organizations.

Strategic brand positioning requires three critical steps

Identify White Space Opportunities: Our world-class qualitative researchers shed light on the complexities of the environment your brand is about to enter. These insights inform an artfully crafted survey before we put our proprietary Brand Landscaper™ to work, resulting in a visual map of white space opportunities.

Assess Initial Brand Positioning: Understand what your targets think, feel and do. Through explorative and directive interviews, you’ll know how the market will receive—and how credibly you can hold—your positioning. We can also measure concepts quantitatively to evaluate them on relative appeal, arming you with defensible data centered on importance, believability, uniqueness and call to action.

Verify Go-To-Market Positioning: People process brand-building activities as individuals, so we simulate that environment, working one-on-one with consumers to achieve authentic impressions. Using tools like text markup and eye tracking, you’ll get heat maps that reveal where consumers’ eyes go, where they linger and what they question. These insights are essential to refining how to express your brand strengths to the market.

Position your brand to win the hearts and minds of consumers.

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