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Escalent partners with global brands to make the world work better for people. From Jetsonian washing machines and EV muscle cars to sustainable investing products, the need for innovative solutions has never been greater as people’s expectations around service, access, and social responsibility evolve. And those innovative solutions must be rooted in human-centric relationships to inspire loyalty and drive growth. As part of Escalent’s Human Experience Center of Excellence, our Innovation practice helps brands seize opportunities to deliver market-crushing solutions that connect with people on a deeper level.


Engaging the right people, the right way for successful innovation

For innovation of any kind to be successful, we believe people must be involved along the way. But not just any people—the right people, at the right times. That is because individuals bring different talents and viewpoints to the innovation process that can be leveraged throughout the entire development cycle. This applies equally to product, service, experience, communication and business model innovation. And our innovation experts know exactly who to involve at what point and how to find them.

Collaborating and co-creating to enhance innovative results

We work with people who have specific talents that strengthen the innovation process:

  • Lead Users spot opportunities for innovation thanks to their introspective nature and capacity to recognize problems before others.
  • Creatives have the ability to generate highly unique ideas for innovative products, services and experiences.
  • Early Adopters embrace new products and services sooner than their peers and can provide critical early feedback on concepts.
  • Brand Advocates are strongly positive about a brand and share their perceptions and recommendations with others.

Brands that follow our innovation process deliver disruptive, market-leading products and services because they listened to what the market wants.

Escalent’s Human Experience Center also includes Qualitative Research, User Experience Research, Behavioral Science and Design Thinking practices.

Ensure your innovation efforts are on target by working with the right people.

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