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Opportunities Assessment

Power your innovation process with uncommonly insightful participants

Successful companies plan for products and services to arrive at just the right time. They are keenly aware of where they are today but also recognize where the market will be tomorrow. We believe the key to groundbreaking product innovation work is identifying and engaging individuals who have an uncommon ability to identify pain points.

Opportunities Assessment

Identifying customer needs is the heart of successful innovation

For 40 years, Escalent has been quietly shaping the brands that are reshaping the world. Our clients understand that creating great products and services starts from the outside in and places unmet market needs at the center of every phase.

Our opportunities assessment phase is anchored in the belief that not all respondents are created equal—some simply have a much greater aptitude for pinpointing problems and brainstorming ideas to solve them. Finding and engaging these unique individuals using state-of-the-art research leads to remarkable product development work. It’s one of the things we do best, and it confers a significant competitive advantage.

Put our proven opportunity assessment process to work for you

We work closely with you, following a three-step process to assess your best business opportunities:

Define Success: The strongest innovation process begins with well-defined boundaries. An in-person alignment workshop establishes stage gates to innovation—it defines what success looks like, sets a direction, and maps the process.

Discover Needs: Now we uncover unmet emotional needs and how they impact lives by working with lead users, social media content creators and general consumers. Building this knowledge using an array of approaches reveals the jobs to be done and gives focus to ideation work.

Iterate & Validate: Innovation resources are precious, which is why we refine and prioritize the most promising opportunities before moving into product ideation and concept development. Our qualitative iterative development model and listening tours ensure that you are pursuing something real and true.

The greatest dreamers know where they are today and where the market will be tomorrow.

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