Implementation Consultants

Implementation Consultants

Boost Bandwidth & Win Back Time
Hiring Freeze? Try flexible Implementation Consultants as a fully managed service.

Implementation Consultants as a managed service for research, data and business analytics

You feel it. The mounting pressure to move faster and work more innovatively. But your team is lean, hiring is tight, and your best strategic minds are bogged down by daily tasks. Meanwhile, your stakeholders need answers. Like, yesterday. In uncertain times, flexibility is key. Boost bandwidth without adding headcount; scale up or down with workflow demands. With our Implementation Consultants for research and analytics.

Staff Augmentation

This is not your typical market research outsourcing

Imagine a dedicated team of top-notch consultants and skilled analysts on your side. Every. Single. Day. That’s what Implementation Consultants can do. Skilled auxiliary talent that sticks with you, not a parade of freelancers that cycle in and out. Our teams act as an extension of your own, and pivot with you as priorities shift. With flexibility to dial bandwidth up or down as needs arise.

A dedicated team keeps workstreams humming and responds quickly as scope evolves. With a single point of contact to manage everything, so you don’t have to. With flexible support to improve knowledge flow and tackle a variety of research requests, imagine what else you could do with the talent you actually hired to produce the most value for your business.

Our Implementation Consultants are with you anytime, anywhere

Escalent’s dedicated team model helps companies manage costs and workflow variability while reducing the time and transaction costs of vetting vendors and jumping through contract hoops. And your dedicated team sticks with you. You’ll have the same talented team members on your business to maintain project consistency and build institutional memory. 

We provide onshore, offshore and dual shore Implementation Consultants. Our dedicated team model can work for any business unit that relies on data-driven decisions. Your Implementation Consultants can work remotely on a ‘follow the sun’ model or from your corporate offices. As you wish. Either way, they’ll act as a true extension of your team, delivering ongoing support for crisis-speed decision-making and long-term growth.

Ask about our dedicated teams pilot program.

Build flexibility into your future with Implementation Consultants as a managed service. Talk to us. 

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