Behavioral Science

Behavioral Science

Connecting the dots between emotions, beliefs and decisions with behavioral science

Behavioral science has the power to improve people’s lives. It allows us to understand how people really think about the world and make decisions. And that enables real progress, moving people closer to a better health outcome, a better financial outcome, or a product better suited to their needs. As part of Escalent’s Human Experience Center of Excellence, our Behavioral Science practice uses proprietary frameworks to not only inform your research but guide the implementation of your messaging, advertising, website design, and product design.

Behavioral Science

Understanding decisions means understanding complex consumer behavior

Humans process decisions through internal, often subconscious, filters before acting. There’s science behind understanding what makes people respond to a message or choose one option over another. Hundreds of behavioral science frameworks could be at play—Loss Aversion, Regulatory Focus, and Risk Propensity to name a few—and it takes seasoned experts to determine which ones are most relevant for you.

Escalent’s team of behavioral research scientists also developed their own proprietary framework called Tech TrustBuilder™. Now more than ever, brands are relying on complex—and often unfamiliar—technology to create and deliver products and services. Think electric vehicles and smart homes. Tech TrustBuilder assesses trust and its key predictors to help brands build stronger bonds with people and encourage them to take the desired action.

Applying behavioral science in your world to influence decisions

Advanced behavioral analysis is particularly impactful in strategic-level work that involves identifying mindsets related to underlying motivations, and creating strategies, guidelines, and communications based on the learnings.

Our goal is to remove the need to rely on “gut feel” and empower you to base your strategies and plans on scientific data and proven, peer-reviewed research. We thoughtfully integrate behavioral science into project design, analysis, and deliverables as a core approach instead of layering it in afterwards, and we advise on how you can “nudge” people towards a positive and satisfying outcome. Simply put, the odds that you will be successful improve greatly.

Escalent’s Human Experience Center also includes Qualitative Research, User Experience Research, Innovation and Design Thinking practices.

Behavioral science is good for the consumer, and it’s good for business.

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