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Life Sciences is in hyperdrive. The breakneck pace of innovation is saving millions of lives. Yet many challenges remain the same. How to balance the needs of patients and providers with the demands of regulators and stakeholders? How to lead with science while listening to human experience? Escalent’s deep healthcare and life sciences insights and agile implementation model help the innovators of today become the market leaders of tomorrow.

Health and Life Sciences Consulting for the Leaders of Tomorrow

Managing disruption

The complex pipeline of regulators, production, marketing, and rollout can’t keep up with the lightning speed of innovation. Getting treatments to patients and keeping HCPs up-to-date on your products is a huge challenge in the life sciences industry. Escalent delivers healthcare insights and consultative support to navigate complexity and accelerate progress.

Digital transformation

Technology has transformed how patients get information and how HCPs stay on top of treatment developments. Think pandemic-accelerated telehealth, wearable medical health devices and e-detailing of field forces to HCPs. But what’s next? You need a life sciences consulting firm to help you see ahead to the next disruption in digital healthcare.

Patient centricity

Today’s patients demand more from their healthcare. But the challenge goes beyond empowering patients—it’s about personalizing new therapies targeted to the unique disease expression in each patient. Future-focused companies are leveraging life sciences and healthcare market research intelligence and analyzing global industry trends to empower patients and deliver life-changing therapies.

Expect the Gold Standard in Life Sciences Consulting and Healthcare Market Research

Escalent is a leading, global life sciences and healthcare market research and consulting firm. We know the players, the trends, and the policies that drive change across the health ecosystem. From big pharmaceutical companies to small biotech. From medical suppliers and device manufacturers to hospitals and healthcare providers.

The leaders of tomorrow need a holistic life sciences consulting partner. We support clients across the entire product lifecycle—from pre-clinical innovation to commercialization and post-launch tracking. You can expect seasoned medical consultants, data scientists, and insights practitioners with a passion for your industry. Let us help you accelerate the development process from molecule to brand launch and beyond.

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