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Consumer Goods & Retail

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The consumer goods and retail world has experienced a major shake-up. What, where, when, how, and why we buy are all up for grabs. It’s a new era of changing behaviors, complex shopper motivations, shifting industry categories, and competing channels. It’s also an era of opportunity to thrive by leveraging market research and understanding customer expectations. A time for building remarkable products and magnetic, more human brands. Time to turn consumer insights into strategic foresight for your company.

Get Ahead of Consumer Goods Trends & Retail Insights

Evolving consumer realities

Social commerce, supply chain interruptions, fast local delivery options, and inflation are rerouting your consumer’s path-to-purchase in the retail and goods industry. Know the steps consumers take and the considerations they make so you engage them in the right place, at the right time, and with the right message.

Opportunities for innovation

How we eat, shop, work, and play—and what we value—has shifted dramatically, leading to the evolution of insights for CPGs and FMCGs. Real innovation calls for fresh consumer research to discover white space opportunities, develop new concepts, optimize your products, experiences and services, and drive demand now and for the future.

Purpose beyond product

A new generation of consumers expects brands to take a stand. A brand’s ‘badge value’ is more about purpose than status. What do your customers care about? Do your brands’ values align with theirs? And, most importantly, are you acting authentically on those values?

Consumer Market Research & Consulting from Insights Through Implementation

Whether you’re a CPG giant looking to defend your leadership position or a pure-play in need of nimble ecommerce analytics, Escalent turns disruption into opportunity. We deliver future-focused consumer market research, advanced data analytics, business intelligence, shopper insights and actionable consumer strategic research to CPGs, durables, QSR, electronics, apparel, FMCG companies and more.

Our client engagement model is built-to-purpose. Your challenge might call for strategic primary research. Or it might require a team of analysts to monitor day-to-day market and competitive activity. Whatever your challenge, our consumer & retail researchers and data and behavioral scientists humanize—and bring meaning to—attitudes, behavior, segmentation, and authenticity. The result is confident decision making.

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