Guiding the future of a telecom company’s game-changing product
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Guiding the future of a telecom company’s game-changing product

The team was very helpful from design through analysis. I really appreciated the turnaround speed on quick requests throughout the entire process.

Business Issue

A large US wireless operator was venturing into a new space, allowing it to better compete with bundled telecom and cable offerings. It had recently launched a new TV product, slated to be a major disruptor in the video landscape. Given the newness of this product and heavy retention challenges, we believed the client would benefit from preliminary deactivation research for three reasons:

  • Sample was limited due to newness of the product.
  • A quick-turn pulse read was needed on the issues that lead to high churn.
  • Findings needed to be leveraged to effectively build a long-term tracker.

What We Did

Escalent set out to gather quick-turn insight into reasons former customers deactivated, and to understand if and how they replaced their video service. We needed to measure reasons for churn, capture the current video service provider (including satisfaction), as well as intent for video services in the future. Not knowing the detailed churn reasons at the onset of the study, we needed to build understanding of the deactivation base, allowing for growth of a sub-base in the interim—to inform next steps for an ongoing tracker.


Escalent’s approach surfaced new findings around the importance of the bundle, further cementing our initial hypothesis that a bandwidth-heavy live video offering that competes with cable needs to be part of a bundle that includes home internet. There are two reasons for this: price leveraging and avoidance of usage cap sabotage. The client’s future home offerings now had direction based on the previously unknown needs of the customer.

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