Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Take control of your business with advanced data analytics

Your business is more complex than ever. Bombarded by data points, you’d think the answers to your most pressing questions would be at your fingertips. Instead, it’s like a fog of transactional, behavioral, and usage data obscuring everything and revealing nothing. You need advanced data analytics and insights to cut through the fog and take control of your business.

Data Analytics

Use advanced data analytics to outpace competitors

You’ll get better and more actionable information by structuring and analyzing the data you already have. That’s where a broad set of data analytics methods, skilled data scientists, engineers, and analysts comes in handy. With Escalent you’ll get the support of top-tier data analytics consultants with technology-agnostic toolkits and data science expertise to solve a multitude of business challenges.

Whether it’s your data or a dataset we compile through advanced web analytics, Escalent brings the advanced modeling capabilities—including AI and machine learning—to make business sense of it. No matter if you’re modeling sales data, churn patterns, geospatial data, or real-time pricing and inventory dynamics, we connect the dots to accelerate productivity and drive informed decisions.

Our advanced data analytics teams use a variety of data dashboarding tools to serve up data in easily digestible, real-time formats. Transform foggy data streams into clear data analytics insights that support the speed of business.

Data integration for a unified view; data modeling for decisive action

Our approach to data analytics insights starts with establishing a single source of truth. The first step is often data integration, the cleaning and combining of data from multiple systems into a single data source. Data integration can sometimes be an end in itself. But we can also perform complex data modeling to help clients harness the full power of a unified data source to inform their critical business decisions.

Data analytics is one information stream within the holistic world of research and insights at Escalent. That’s why our data analytics team works hand-in-hand with other practices, be it quantitative, qualitative, or secondary research, to combine data and research techniques and deliver game-changing holistic insights.

Ready for a single source of truth and a data-driven roadmap for success?

Ask how Escalent can harness your data’s full potential with advanced data analytics.

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