Financial Services

Financial Services

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As technology upends the trillion-dollar financial services industry, Escalent is on the inside. The world’s leading financial institutions trust our insights experts to guide them through disruption. Every day we talk to the specialized populations critical to our clients’ success, uncovering unparalleled financial services insights. Our blend of primary and secondary research, syndicated research tools, agile implementation model and advisory services for banking, wealth management, insurance and fintech firms produces powerful, award-winning, financial services industry research and market analysis to move you up and to the right.

Get a Competitive Edge with Syndicated and Advisory Services

Cogent Syndicated and Javelin Advisory are trusted and respected for industry-leading, forward-looking research and consulting in the financial services market. Backed by Escalent, these syndicated research teams offer an unbeatable, diverse, and in-depth view of the industry through multiple lenses to leading firms.

Cogent Syndicated Research

Cogent Syndicated produces comprehensive insights that strengthen brands and products. By focusing on attitudes, behaviors and the best strategies to influence target audiences in the financial services industry, our syndicated research services and reports deliver actionable insights across your organization. Our unique and dynamic market research solutions help you define the marketplace and how you can compete, and guide you in what to say and how and where to say it.

Javelin Advisory Services

Javelin is a research-based advisory practice driven by forward-looking, independent fintech assessments that lead to informed decisions in a digital financial world. Javelin solutions offer insights resulting from a rigorous research process that assesses consumers, businesses, providers, and the transactions ecosystem. Javelin advisory services pinpoint dynamic risks and opportunities in digital banking, payments, fraud & security, lending, and wealth management.

Find Growth in Disruption Across the Financial Services Industry

Solving financial wellness

The “retirement crisis” has morphed into a growing need to ensure financial security for people in all life stages, at all wealth levels. Our market research for financial services helps you uncover how to build and grow an impactful financial wellness offering.

Evolving payments landscape

Technology, social media, and demographics factor directly into people’s decisions about where to shop and how to pay bills. Our financial services strategy consulting helps you understand how these influences shape customer transactions and how they will impact the future of payments.

Intersection of health and finance

Many factors, from the rising cost of healthcare to increasing life expectancy, are further cementing the intersection of health and finance. Our deep expertise in both financial services and health insurance feeds truly business-changing healthcare insights and implementation to our clients.

Financial Services Consulting and Market Research Solutions for the World’s Top Firms

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