Evolving brand messaging to jump-start product growth for a nutrition science company
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Evolving brand messaging to jump-start product growth for a nutrition science company

This research was fantastic! It’s the most complete work we have ever done, and it included everything we needed to make a quick decision.

Business Issue

A leader in nutrition science needed to evolve its messaging to jump-start growth of a product that was struggling to maintain dominance. Through in-home use testing, the company had identified new claims that could be used in future messaging, but the brand team needed to understand how new and existing messages could work hand in hand. The goal was to identify the best messages—and combination of messages—to support interest among consumers and drive product recommendations among healthcare professionals (HCPs).

What We Did

We conducted a US-based online study among multiple audiences, including primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered dieticians and consumers. The study used a MaxDiff approach to prioritize which messages held the most promise to support HCP product recommendation and consumer appeal. Then, we applied TURF analysis to identify the best combination of messages to reach both audiences.


Escalent revealed that it’s important to use consistent messaging for both audiences, given that HCPs would be exposed to the broader consumer-based messaging. This finding helped us isolate not only which messages best supported the client’s product among HCPs and consumers, but also which combination of messages resonated best for both groups. The client has aligned its messaging to support a unified brand perception and has already woven the research results into new sales materials and consumer advertising.

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