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Concept Evaluation

Make concept evaluation work harder for you

Escalent helps the world’s most successful brands pick winning product concepts—from smartphones and connected vehicles to apps that allow you to do everything from order food online to manage a chronic health condition. And while it’s tempting to pick a winner after the concept creation work, it’s important to resist the urge until there are clear thresholds to judge a winning concept.

Concept Evaluation

A proven concept-to-product process that reveals “The Winner”

What’s the secret to successful product validation? We believe a powerful, comprehensive metric that inspires confidence is the way to go. So, we developed the Excitement Score™ to eliminate the guesswork from finding “The Winner.”

While traditional metrics like believability, uniqueness, clarity and relevance provide insight into overall consumer reactions, the Excitement Score precisely weights these measures to reveal how likely your concepts are to inspire action. It’s a uniquely intelligent way to make the most of all your data, and it leads to a crystal-clear picture of which concept to optimize.

Find winning concepts that inspire action with The Excitement Score™

By combining measures from five key dimensions—action, uniqueness, believability, relevance and clarity—we determine a level of “excitement,” which indicates a higher propensity to act.

Starting with the Action measure, key driver analysis determines how to precisely weight the remaining metrics. From this we compute an Excitement Score, allowing you to easily identify which concept sparks the greatest excitement so you know what to advance to product optimization and refinement.

This agile process offers the ability to further enhance concept validation and message evaluation with Textalytics or Image-alytics, two tools that specifically identify aspects of your stimuli that trigger an emotional response, whether in a good—or not so good—way.

Eliminate the guesswork from finding your winning concept.

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