Catalysts of Progress

Escalent is a top human behavior and analytics firm specializing in industries facing disruption and business transformation.

We tell stories that transform data and insights into a profound understanding of what drives human beings. And we help businesses turn those drivers into actions that build brands, enhance customer experiences, and inspire product innovation.

For more than 40 years, we have helped shape the brands that are reshaping the world. We are borne from the fusion of two exceptional companies — Market Strategies International and Morpace — expanding on their rich legacy of industry expertise, agility, and trusted guidance.

As catalysts for progress, we are deeply embedded inside industries at the edge of transformation. During these critical periods, and all of the ones in between, brands trust us to help them translate human behavior into ideas that make the world work better for people.



We are always looking for new ways to apply insight in meaningful ways…to find answers to tough questions…to be agile in our problem solving…and to be creative in our storytelling.

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