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Automotive & Mobility

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K.C. Boyce Shares EVForward Findings on State of the EV Industry & Where It's Headed

Your one-stop shop for automotive market intelligence and industry expertise

Connectivity. Autonomous. Sharing. Electrification. As these evolving trends and realities continue to disrupt the automotive industry, companies large and small trust Escalent to transform their business with our automotive and mobility market research, intelligence and consulting. We partner with forward-thinking brands around the world to develop human-centric products, services and technology that delight buyers and keep them coming back for more automobile industry research and analysis.

Research and Advisory Services for Electric Vehicles, Connected Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Fleets

Escalent is the leader in electric vehicle, connected vehicle, commercial vehicle and fleet research and consulting. We know who the next EV buyer is as well as who will be the future adopters of connected vehicle services and the connectivity features they desire. Our automotive market research and industry reports also inform how commercial vehicles and fleets must evolve. As tech titans battle energy giants to beat automakers in this rapidly evolving space, our data, advice and counsel help you win.

Electric Vehicle Insights

Our electric vehicle industry experts uncover winning strategies that differentiate offerings and drive growth by delivering actionable automotive market research intelligence and advisory solutions. Between the largest EV research study of the next generation of buyers, EVForward®, and rich insights on the broader electric vehicle ecosystem, we deliver a holistic assessment and unparalleled counsel on the dynamic EV market.
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Connected Vehicle Insights

Our connected vehicle industry experts deliver invaluable automotive industry insights that eliminate guesswork in this complex market and drive growth. Seize the right opportunities for your business by leveraging Connectivity Forward™, our one-of-a-kind market research program that identifies future adopters of connected vehicle services and the connectivity features that resonate with them.
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Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Insights

Our dedicated, seasoned team guides you through disruption by providing practical counsel with rich automotive market industry intelligence and front-line research findings from Fleet Advisory Hub™, one of the largest collections of commercial vehicle and fleet decision-maker insights available. From new to established stakeholders, we help clients strengthen brands, products and services in a rapidly-transforming sector with constantly changing needs.
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Guiding Automotive & Mobility Brands Through Profound Disruption

Electrification of vehicles

Electrification is transforming the automotive and mobility industry, yet most players remain unsure how to adapt their products and brands while meeting consumer desires. Our electric vehicle market research and automotive industry advisory services help you navigate this complexity and forge a successful path forward.

Autonomy and mobility

Emerging technology holds the promise of redefining mobility solutions, but companies are challenged with planning for an unclear future. Escalent is immersed in the automotive industry and speaks with consumers daily, enabling us to deliver automotive industry insights and analysis for a clearer view of the possibilities.

Connected vehicles

With $1.5T connected services revenue projected for 2030, automotive, mobility and technology companies must create relevant new products, services and commercialization models to bridge today’s reality with tomorrow’s promise. Our connected vehicle insights and counsel identify the right opportunities in this high-growth area.

Automotive & Mobility Insights and Consulting for the Road Ahead

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