Guiding an automotive brand’s expansion with a global segmentation of a complex sector
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Guiding an automotive brand’s expansion with a global segmentation of a complex sector

Escalent is thoughtful in their approach and pull their expertise into whatever they are working on. Their collaboration, ideation, and responsiveness are particularly strong as is their expertise on fleet-specific global research. We consider Escalent a partner.

Business Issue

A global organization that provides digital services and solutions to the automotive retail market was looking to expand its footprint into the commercial vehicle and fleet sector. The company needed a deep understanding of the diverse and evolving global fleet marketplace to identify which types of businesses would be optimal targets for mobile vehicle maintenance and repair services. The organization turned to Escalent to develop the strategy to grow its business.

What We Did

Escalent designed a body of global research that identified six distinct commercial vehicle and fleet segments with different points of view, objectives and attitudes around vehicle maintenance and repair services. After fielding a survey of over 2,000 fleet decision-makers in the US and Europe, we followed up with a series of in-depth interviews to better understand their chief wants, needs and challenges for routine vehicle maintenance and repair services. Escalent’s advanced analytics team helped design the research to focus on the individual decision-maker while considering the context of the business.


We delivered the ideal solution our client needed: A global segmentation of a highly complex sector wherein we identified key emerging opportunities. Defining six segments with rich profiles, we provided a detailed breakdown of the attitudes, motivations, needs, and future requirements around maintenance and repair solutions for businesses using two or more commercial and fleet vehicles. Immediately adopting and socializing our insights across all business units, our client developed a clear go-forward strategy, directed strategic investments, and crafted an optimal branding and marketing campaign to successfully expand its business into the commercial vehicle and fleet space.

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