Data Integration & Visualization
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Data Integration & Visualization

Transform data into action with data integration and data visualization

Most business data go unanalyzed. That’s because companies are drowning in data housed in disparate systems, databases and departments. Answers to their most pressing business questions are buried there. What’s missing is data integration and data visualization to help you see it clearly. And act decisively. Turn data into action with custom data dashboards and data management solutions.

Data Integration & Visualization

Get all your data, all in one place with data dashboards from data integration specialists

Many companies struggle to get accurate, real-time data in the right hands at the right time. But when you’ve got all your data, all in one place, you empower stakeholders and business units to make timely, data-driven decisions.

Data integration is data optimization. Data integration brings together data from internal and external sources in a structured, dynamic and visual format. Our data scientists ensure that we’re separating the signal from the noise. The result: easy-to-access, actionable insights in a digestible dashboard view, in the shortest amount of time.

Whether it’s a sales performance dashboard, a customer insights dashboard, or a cross-functional business intelligence dashboard, with data dashboards, you can squeeze more out of your data and share the ‘juice’ across your organization.

Made-to-order data management solutions

Escalent is a data integration consultancy, not a tech platform. We won’t sell you on a cumbersome new software solution. Instead, our data integration specialists work with your existing tech and build to purpose. Whether your platform of choice is Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, or something else, we’ll work with the dashboarding and data visualization tool that best suits your environment.

Since our data integration specialists are focused on your business challenge, sometimes that means all that may be required is a knowledge audit. In such cases, we’ll catalog and synthesize data and research into an easily searchable database. And if a real-time data visualization platform is the answer, we’ll build that too.

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