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Operational Analytics

Business insights and process improvement for backbone business units

Insights companies spend most of their time supplying juicy research and analyses to customer-facing business units. You know . . . marketing, sales, product design. But what about the rest of the business? We believe insights should work for everyone. Operational analytics—or what we call ‘Business Process Insights’—is about organizing and leveraging data for backbone business units.

Operational Analytics

Operational analytics build backbone and accelerate growth

Some call it the ‘back-office.’ Finance, Compliance, Legal, Procurement, HR, Payroll. We call it the backbone of a business, the teams that drive transformation and add value through efficiency, cost savings, and operational performance management. At the same time, these are often the business units most affected by tangled information flows and siloed systems, in dire need of support from data analytics experts.

Escalent provides business intelligence and analytics to support vital non-customer-facing teams. We untangle and organize data, extract insights, and break down silos to drive continuous operational improvement. Whatever your particular operational roadblock, we help clear the way forward.

Business Process Insights, an insights-driven approach to operational improvement

We call our approach ‘Business Process Insights’ because the entire business benefits from well-oiled, inter-connected, insights-driven processes. We’ve helped a lot of great companies that were initially not so great at creating actionable, organized data and sharing it across business functions.

In most cases, operational improvement requires a process solution, not a complex technology solution. By overlaying analytics on operational workstreams, we help teams increase productivity, enhance customer value, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk. And if you need Implementation Consultants to keep workstreams flowing and operational strategies on course, we do that too.

Insights are for everyone. Give your business unit a boost.

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