Developing benchmarks with a niche audience to better understand brand equity
Success Stories | Developing benchmarks with a niche audience to better understand brand equity

Developing benchmarks with a niche audience to better understand brand equity

Business Issue

A growing technology company that provides a key platform for financial transactions approached Escalent with the need to establish brand equity metrics within a niche audience—high-growth companies and start-ups.

While the company was well-established in the growth community of tech, the company possessed little outside perspective on its brand.

The client had a strong sense of its positioning and awareness among this niche audience, but needed some baseline metrics and deeper insight into its customers. The client also sought to explore and gain better insight into the technical and business aspects of the target companies to improve marketing efficiency.

What We Did

Escalent designed a mixed-method study starting with a qualitative approach to provide a baseline of information to build a larger, more detailed and specific quantitative deep dive.

To get the full spectrum of how the brand was perceived, we interviewed business decision-makers at start-ups and high-growth companies among current customers and non-customers. The interviews provided a strong foundation to understand customer awareness and perception of the brand, as well as distinguish between the highly technical decision-makers and the more business-oriented decision-makers.

Using these findings, we honed in on the areas that mattered most to design the quantitative survey. We provided detailed metrics on brand awareness, perception and the competitive landscape for the client.


Escalent developed a rich picture of the client’s target customer segments using the voice of the customer and the differences between technical and business decision-makers.

Escalent’s insights on brand awareness among users and non-users uncovered multiple opportunities for growth across the various customer segments. Additionally, we provided clear evidence and direction for how the client needed to position itself against brands not traditionally seen as competitors—this was game-changing for the client.

The change in strategy and positioning resulted in more relevant marketing messages, with significantly increased sales across segments of importance.

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