Successfully relaunching a CX program for a leading insurance carrier
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Successfully relaunching a CX program for a leading insurance carrier

This is a great example of a program gone right, marking a significant change from a history of suboptimal launches. .

Business Issue

A national insurer’s CX program had become outdated, inflexible and largely unused by staff. The client wanted to revamp the program to accomplish four core goals:

  • Deliver timely results to an organization of almost 15,000 personnel.
  • Support a prompt experience recovery process and fully document recovery learnings.
  • Provide input on team member performance management and goal setting.
  • Provide rich analytic insights and support a new “Test and Learn” culture.

What We Did

Any new program would first have to win acceptance among the nearly 15,000 members of the claims division if it were to succeed. We began by conducting a rigorous round of interviews among executives and staff at all levels. Then we designed and piloted a new sample, survey and reporting system tailored to the objectives. Before rolling it out enterprise-wide, we conducted an exhaustive training program to bring every user up to speed and validate that the new design appropriately addressed all needs.


In the first full year, we doubled survey participation by systematically refining and optimizing every step of the research process. By delivering real-time, online survey reporting to every manager in the organization, the new CX program has become a critical input in daily claims management. The closed-loop experience recovery process was a “quick win” for the company that had previously lacked visibility into alert response. The program is now viewed as a vital part of the claims management process as data are leveraged in new ways to inform business decisions and continuous improvement efforts.

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