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Competitive Intelligence

Play to win with holistic competitive intelligence

One thing you can count on: Your competitors aren’t standing still. Be ready to zig when they zag with competitive benchmarking that tracks activity across geographies, sectors, and other industries. With industry lines increasingly blurred, don’t be blindsided by an outlying player. Leverage real-time competitive insights and play to win in aggressively competitive environments.

Competitive Intelligence

Outplay your rivals with comprehensive competitive insights

When playing in a crowded field, you need the latest competitive intelligence research to anticipate your competitors’ next move. Competitive intelligence at Escalent is a bespoke blend of desk research—using publicly available and subscription-based secondary sources, as well as internal client data—and targeted primary research. We monitor and measure current competitive dynamics by tapping multiple sources and using a mix of methodologies.

Competition can come from anywhere. Competitive intelligence shouldn’t focus solely on your prescribed playing field. We take a holistic approach to competitive intelligence research by tracking movement and innovation across industries. Get agile competitive intelligence to act with foresight and win in the market.

Competitive intelligence drives action across business units

Most clients want answers and a plan of action, not a generic data dump. With Escalent, you’ll get insights-first deliverables that sort the signal from the noise in a cadence that works for you, be it daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time reporting. And for real-time competitive insights at your fingertips, talk to us about our dashboarding and data visualization solutions.

Competitive intelligence matters across business units. From brand and product management to finance and operations, we help clients in fast-moving environments keep tabs on direct and indirect competitive realms for better, faster decision-making.

Anticipate and plan for disruption.

Ask about our competitive benchmarking and cross-industry competitive intelligence.

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