Segmenting physicians to optimize promotion of a late-stage pharmaceutical brand
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Segmenting physicians to optimize promotion of a late-stage pharmaceutical brand

The Life Sciences team continues to exceed my expectations, and Escalent is my new favorite research vendor. Excellent study all around with exceptional thinking, execution and results.

Business Issue

A pharmaceutical company had a brand that was in its late stage of the lifecycle. The brand only had a few years left of patent exclusivity and also faced immense generic competition given it was the only branded agent in its class of drugs. The reality of this situation was a budget-constrained marketing plan. The client asked us to identify target physician segments to optimize its marketing efforts.

What We Did

We launched a study with US-based physicians (PCP and GE). Data from this survey were analyzed in conjunction with two other large databases: IMS-prescription data and insurance/access data. The analysis required a set of complex data science techniques that ultimately led to the identification of three strategic physician segments.


Escalent’s segmentation solution was foundational for setting the go-forward strategy in our client’s annual business plan. In addition, we developed an algorithm that typed physicians into the three segments with 91% accuracy. This algorithm was applied to the client’s complete CRM database of 40,000 physicians, allowing our client to prioritize its resources to maximize market share for the remaining years of patent exclusivity.

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