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Ecommerce Analytics

Ecommerce analytics turn browsers into buyers

Ecommerce is the new frontier and everyone’s in on the landrush. For shoppers, it’s a land of convenience and boundless choice. For brands, it’s a fiercely competitive and complex web of DTC, ecommerce mega-platforms, niche players, and aggregators. To win, you need visibility on everything that drives the decision to buy, from placement and pricing to promotions and product reviews. Claim your land of opportunity with ecommerce analytics.

Ecommerce Analytics

Leverage ecommerce customer analytics for marketing and product optimization

Use ecommerce analytics to calibrate your digital strategy and optimize your product portfolio. Drill down to SKU-level insight and see what’s driving best sellers. Track seasonal buying behavior and spot early trends. Know how your products are positioned against competitors and what customers are saying about you, and them.

Our ecommerce analytics consultants and analysts have deep roots in consumer goods. With their support, you’ll know when to run promotions or adjust ad spend, when and where to replenish inventory, how to optimize products and focus your investments, and what’s driving sales. With billions of data points on products sold worldwide, Escalent will help you make sense of it all.

An ecommerce analytics consulting firm, not another aggregator

Aggregators are great and they’re essential to the work we do. But often our clients don’t have the internal resources to sort through and extract actionable insights from ecommerce aggregators. They’re keenly aware of the power of ecommerce analytics. What they need are savvy analysts and highly consultative, transformative guidance to harness that power.

Escalent is a data-agnostic ecommerce analytics consulting firm. We take a holistic approach to ecommerce analytics by drawing from a mix of data sources—be it aggregator data, internal data, primary or secondary research. We leverage ecommerce customer analytics and other data for ecommerce demand space planning to help brands know where to place their bets.

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