Wealth management firm redesigns offerings to maximize revenue
Success Stories | Wealth management firm redesigns offerings to maximize revenue

Wealth management firm redesigns offerings to maximize revenue

Escalent really helped us challenge our thinking and bring the right products to market in the right way.

Business Issue

Faced with new fiduciary regulations, a major wealth management firm needed to develop and launch a new set of services, but was unsure which options to offer on its website. They wanted to present customers with the optimal set of options for maximizing revenue. Working against tight regulatory timelines and significant pressure from C-level executives, the client asked Escalent to help identify the best combinations to present to customers, so they could update their website, marketing collateral, and sales outreach.

What We Did

Escalent started by listening to key client stakeholders. We gathered their perspectives on available choices and existing hypotheses on what offer combinations would resonate most. The client had recently completed a discrete choice study and knew which services offerings to develop. However, they really needed to understand the right combinations of services to offer to customers side-by-side so that the customer would choose the most revenue-generating service. Seeing this as a choice architecture challenge, we recommended a monadic survey with a choice-based exercise to test combinations of services that would maximize revenue lift. To ensure robust results on the broad set of options being tested, we recruited 7,000 customers and prospects. Then we presented each respondent with only one combination that simulated their decisions and investment behavior. Escalent then shared these findings in a workshop and facilitated a discussion on next steps amongst all client stakeholders.


The client was surprised by some of the service combinations most preferred by their current and potential customers. They saved time and resources by reducing the focus on the least selected service offering and enhancing the features of the more desired services. With regulatory deadlines pending, our client used the study results to immediately set up teams focused on redesigning offerings, which were rolled out on the company website before the regulatory deadline.

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