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Escalent has the art of segmenting customers down to a science

You may not know it, but you’ve seen our work. In advertising. In new products. In quarterly reports to Wall Street. Because we have helped some of the biggest brands that shape our world develop and target real and impactful segments. Why does this matter? Because we’ve figured it out—like down-to-a-science figured it out.


The secret sauce to uncovering real-world, distinct target segments

The secret to a successful customer segmentation strategy boils down to two things: it begins with the end in mind, and it leverages a ton of data quickly and innovatively. We call our secret sauce Action Segmentation, and it ensures that segments are not just statistically different but also evocative—enabling you to develop segmentation strategies that grow your business. It’s a proven process that our clients (and even some competitors) tell us is the best in the business.

Our customer segmentation solution requires a focus-driven process

Define Your Segmentation Purpose: A strategy session jump-starts the process by identifying why you need segmentation and how it will support your business needs.

Amass & Construct: You’ve already got data—let’s use them! We leverage prior research and relevant databases, never shying away from data that seem hard to tame, while our best qualitative minds gather insights to optimize segmentation research design.

Create & Iterate: We segment each relevant dimension individually and then use our proprietary blending process to unearth distinct, identifiable segments.

Verify & Come Alive: This step validates the existence of the target segments and adds memorable, life-like descriptions that make your team say things like “I know them!”

Immerse: Immersion Workshops ensure stakeholders not only relate to the target segments but have the tools to start living them.

Put our secret sauce to work for you.

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