Contextualizing a fleet’s telematics data to increase efficiency & improve driver training
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Contextualizing a fleet’s telematics data to increase efficiency & improve driver training

Business Issue

A fleet organization with more than 100 Class 8 tractors equipped with telematics devices realized it was leaving a competitive edge on the table by not leveraging its own data. It needed to harness the overwhelming amount of data flowing from each unit to better understand the business, become more efficient, and find coaching possibilities for its drivers.

What We Did

Escalent developed a system to collect the telematics data from the organization’s entire fleet, applying high levels of security to ensure data privacy and client confidentiality. Using our DataDialogue™ suite of solutions, we reorganized and distilled the data into a series of key variables that the fleet organization studied on a regular basis. We also created a mechanism that sent surveys to drivers when “defined driving events” occurred. This allowed us to obtain in-the-moment understanding about how and why on-the-road events occurred. Finally, we blended qualitative feedback with the telematics data, which gave context and meaning to the data.


Our client quickly came to view its telematics data as a true corporate asset. Instead of simply meeting a compliance requirement, it was now using the data as a competitive advantage. It increased overall fleet efficiency by making improvements in fuel economy, harsh events and idling hours. And it realized that the program provided abundant learning opportunities so it set up new programs to improve driver training.

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