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Product Optimization

When it comes to product optimization, the devil is in the details

You’ve identified the winning concept for your new offering, congratulations! Before you leapfrog to launch, there are two final steps in your product strategy to ensure you’re ready for prime time: Simulate the market conditions in which you will launch, and design for the right end user. Escalent’s product optimization strategy has helped global brands launch successful products for 40 years, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the devil is in the details.

Product Optimization

Refine your winning concepts for product success

Escalent takes the broad strokes of your winning concept and refines the details, instilling confidence that you are bringing the best product or service to market.

Our product optimization process—choice-based methods and user experience assessments—digs deep into what your consumers really value, ensuring you get reliable insights to your most pressing questions. This product refinement approach is the key to going to market with confidence, and it has been behind many of the products and services you can’t live without.

A product optimization process that leads to confident launches

There are two ways to optimize your market offering:

Simulate Reality: Our choice-based models simulate market conditions and real-world decisions to produce the optimal configuration for your product or service. It answers questions like: “What are the most important features and variations?” “What’s the right pricing strategy?” and “What’s the optimal product mix?” This thorough process reveals the details you need to maximize interest in the market.

Go Beyond Usability: Usability ensures an offering is functional, but it stops short of ensuring a delightful user experience (UX), which is a blend of the functional, emotional and rational. UX research pinpoints the deep insights needed to develop world-class products and services. Whether you choose UX research methods like “talk-aloud” exercises, a Geneva Emotion Wheel or eye tracking, user experience research identifies the details that influence the way consumers feel about your offering.

A confident product launch is just details away.

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