Guiding tourism marketing strategy & market sizing: A destination marketing case study
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Guiding tourism marketing strategy & market sizing: A destination marketing case study

Working with the Escalent team has been a smooth and enjoyable experience. They were able to draw useful insights from the consumer survey findings and provide relevant recommendations to aid our development of a well-rounded tourism strategy. The team is professional and efficient. They address our questions and feedback comprehensively, especially in the stages of questionnaire design and final deliverables.

Business Issue

A tourism board for a major tourist destination in Asia wanted to ascertain the demand and opportunity for wellness tourism in the wake of Covid-19. Their focus was on five geographies – UK, US, China, Australia, and Indonesia. But do travelers perceive their country as a wellness destination and how does it stack up to other havens for health and wellness? The client needed in-depth and comprehensive insights, including market size, segmentation, path-to-purchase, and brand perception.

What We Did

We started by building hypotheses through internal stakeholder discussions. Then we conducted an online survey with 7,600+ travelers across the five markets. The research was designed to identify the size of the wellness tourism market, ascertain travelers’ propensity to spend, identify behavioral and needs-based traveler segments, and understand their preferences, perceptions, and decision-making processes.


Escalent helped the tourism board establish the “size of the prize” for wellness travel among the source markets. We created traveler segments based on needs, expectations, and perceptions of different wellness destinations. Segmentation helped the client identify primary and secondary targets and design targeted and differentiating marketing communication. The research further informed the client’s market entry strategy and strategic investment decisions as well as identifying some “quick wins.”

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