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Concept Creation

Smart innovation processes gather inspiration from the outside in

Companies that enjoy new product success adopt innovation processes and think differently. They glean inspiration from creative people inside and outside of their organization. And they ensure their ideas are grounded in true consumer needs that reflect the brand’s values. Escalent’s approach to concept creation incorporates design thinking and innovation principles to ensure that we help you create products that solve real problems in ways that real people can use.

Concept Creation

Investment decisions made easy through market-driven needs

The formula for creating great products and services is placing market needs at the center of every phase. In the concept creation phase, we work together to explore unmet emotional and rational needs through co-creation, collaboration and iterative refinement, resulting in unique concepts that address real opportunities. Simply put, we leave no ideation stone unturned to marry external views with internal perspectives. And because the creative concepts are based on real market needs, it makes your investment decision infinitely easier.

The concept creation process behind new product success

Create & Ideate: There are two proven ways to think outside traditional boundaries:

  1. Gather Creatives: Naturally innovative people thrive in co-creation sessions, producing a large number of original ideas. We excel at finding them and harnessing their creative concepts.
  2. Stretch Thinking in an Ideation Workshop: We lead your team, key stakeholders, and ideally Creatives to elicit and build on ideas, which stretches internal thinking to generate new, actionable solutions.

Whether you do one or both, this concept creation work produces a pipeline of great starter ideas that become your preliminary written concepts.

Refine: Through a rapid series of iterative concept screening and honing activities, we expose your target audiences to ideas, providing an efficient way to study, think, regroup, and then strengthen concepts after each group. Refining ideas iteratively before quantitative testing gives you peace of mind that your innovation concepts are succeeding (or failing) on merit, not wording.

Top brands look beyond their walls to create ambitious concepts.

We connect you to the world beyond those walls. Ask about our concept creation research.

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