Understanding enterprise VR purchases; building a B2B go-to-market strategy
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Understanding enterprise VR purchases; building a B2B go-to-market strategy

There are brilliant thinkers at Escalent. The process and collaboration was amazing, and they executed at a pace I have never seen before even though recruitment was tricky.

Business Issue

A fortune 50 technology company partnered with Escalent to establish a go-to-market strategy and define a VR roadmap for organizations and workers.

This well-established company did not have a point of view on the buyer landscape of the workplace market.

The client sought to explore the players who participate in and facilitate key purchase decisions for VR, as well as understand their motivations and purchase drivers. It was critical to understand how organizations use VR and the needs and motivations of buyers to overcome purchase barriers.

What We Did

Escalent investigated VR buyers and their purchase process. We focused on feedback for each of the players as well as a view of all players to understand how influences and needs change at each stage of the process.

Individual online interviews with prospects and current buyers across verticals and company sizes provided a full view of how VR is perceived.

Escalent then investigated the areas that mattered most to buyer types and developed a set of strategies and messaging to address prospective customers as they move through each stage of the purchase journey.


Escalent’s insights helped the client understand and define the market landscape around VR buyers and communicate with players at various stages of the purchase journey.

Initially, hypotheses suggested that the client would be able to segment buyers simply by role or industry. But as buyer archetypes were mapped, several buyer archetypes emerged across all verticals, company sizes and roles.

In addition, Escalent identified secondary archetypes that influence the purchase process. While outside the scope of the initial research, the discovery of these archetypes was instrumental in defining a market landscape and brand strategy for reaching the workplace with VR.

These insights provided a roadmap to sell into and support VR advocates within their growing customer base.

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