Establishing benchmarks to improve brand visibility and product adoption
Success Stories | Establishing benchmarks to improve brand visibility and product adoption

Establishing benchmarks to improve brand visibility and product adoption

Business Issue

A major technology company needed to improve its brand visibility and product adoption in the gaming space. The goals were to:

  • Establish a measurable baseline for how developers and publishers perceive the brand as a whole, within segments and as a leader in the gaming space
  • Evaluate the brand’s position versus competitors’ across key metrics in each product area’s offering
  • Improve how information is organized to promote the ability of gaming professionals to create great games, connect and engage with players, and scale its business
  • Track and measure changes in key metrics and the impact of its various marketing initiatives in the gaming segment

What We Did

Escalent conducted a quantitative brand awareness tracker in 15 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe/Middle East and Asia-Pacific to provide a broad range of insight from game developers and publishers in the mobile-, PC and console-gaming space.

The research focused on five product areas: marketing, monetization, cloud, distribution platforms, and streaming and community.

We developed a study that enabled the client to measure awareness, consideration and favorability to help improve usage and overall standing in the industry.


Escalent provided the insight and direction to:

  • Increase awareness by launching new marketing initiatives in specific areas of importance
  • Pivot to focus on the changes needed to improve areas of weakness
  • Explore new areas of opportunity

The value of our research motivated the client to map out a long-term progression of new research programs to continually improve and strengthen the ROI of its gaming products and services.

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