Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Navigating a new reality demands a human-centric qualitative approach

Brands are facing a new reality. People want their personal values to be evident in the products, services, and experiences they choose. And they want brands to engage with them as whole persons rather than consumers. Our Human Experience Center of Excellence offers unique approaches that help brands build human-centric relationships and experiences that inspire loyalty and drive growth. Escalent’s Qualitative Research practice reveals insights that create those relationships.

Qualitative Research

Modern qualitative research for a modern world

Our qualitative experts are the best in the business. Organizations used to be focused on consumption patterns and shopping behavior, and while that’s still important, today’s environment requires brands to engage with people on a deeper level. Brands must treat people as unique individuals who have values and aspirations. That’s where we come in.

Our qualitative research study pros are all about making human connections, moving beyond the obvious to understand how one facet of a person’s life impacts another. They assess the rational and emotional aspects of individuals’ behavior to present clients with a multi-dimensional understanding of people and to advise them on how to make life easier, better and richer.

Tap into diverse qualitative research methods to understand complex humans

Human behavior and culture are complicated, composed of and influenced by numerous factors. So, it stands to reason that understanding people, what they value, and how they live requires a more robust qualitative study design than a few interviews or focus groups.

At Escalent, we’re listeners, thinkers and strategists. Our qualitative practice leverages more than 30 in-person and virtual methods and dozens of techniques to discover and interpret human insights and drive action—like Evoke™, our proprietary, data-driven approach that uses carefully curated images that have been scientifically linked to specific emotions. Whether you’re interested in developing and refining messages or creating entirely new experiences, we help your brand enhance people’s lives.

Escalent’s Human Experience Center also includes User Experience Research, Behavioral Science, Innovation and Design Thinking practices.

Engage with individuals as whole persons to build long-lasting relationships.

Ask about our Qualitative Research practice and consulting services.

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