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New energy industry trends are creating amazing opportunities, from advancements in customer-facing products and services, and growing use of electric vehicles, to clean energy technologies that fuel innovation and new revenue streams. Escalent knows the energy industry inside out. Through primary, secondary and syndicated research, consulting and implementation services, and advanced data analytics, we are so much more than an energy sector market research and analytics firm—we translate data into action to support the energy industry of the future.

Maximize Your Utility Brand and Customer Engagement with our Syndicated Reports

Cogent Syndicated Research provides competitive intelligence with energy industry reports and advisory services that help energy utilities strengthen customer engagement by developing trusted brands and compelling products. Our syndicated studies provide top companies in the energy industry with the insights needed to transform their business. But they’re just the beginning of the energy market intelligence and value we deliver. It’s the consulting that helps you implement strategies that grow your business and brand.

Cogent Syndicated Research for Energy Utilities

Today’s consumers are looking for a deeper relationship with the companies they rely on for products and services. Our catalog of syndicated studies consists of annual benchmarking reports as well as topical energy industry reports focused on emerging trends. Every market report is laser-focused on helping you translate energy industry consumer data into strategies and actions that build customer engagement through exemplary customer experience, strong brands, and valuable product offerings.

Turn Energy Industry Trends into Future-Building Opportunities

The energy future

The energy industry is changing, and those who don’t change with it risk losing their competitive edge when consumers are given clean, renewable energy options. Our decades of experience in energy consumer research and distributed energy resources market research keeps you ahead of the times.

Diverse customer base

Everyone needs energy but not every customer is the same. Our energy industry segmentation and market research with vulnerable populations provides insights to ensure segments are evocative and actionable—so your decisions grow your business.

Planning for EVs

Electric vehicles are rising in popularity as people adopt new technology more and more rapidly. We help you predict who is going to buy EVs next—and we know what they want—to inform smart infrastructure decisions and influence buying behavior.

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