Using Brand Power™ to grow a hospital system’s market presence
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Using Brand Power™ to grow a hospital system’s market presence

Business Issue

A community health system in a large metropolitan area was looking for ways to improve its brand presence and leadership locally, where it competed with a university medical system. The system partnered with Escalent to develop a brand tracking study that not only measured brand health but identified drivers of brand health.

What We Did

We needed to understand perceived strengths and weaknesses of our client’s brand and its competitors so we kicked off the project by hosting an internal workshop with leadership as well as interviews with community members. These interviews, along with our module of proven brand metrics, formed the basis of a quantitative tracking survey instrument. Using a continuous fielding approach, we were able to identify key events in the marketplace while tracking brand health.


Using Escalent’s proven brand health solution, we identified the key drivers of brand health as well as how our client’s competitors were positioning themselves among these drivers. In addition, our Action Grids isolated specific opportunities where our client could credibly grow its brand presence over time. By implementing marketing strategies related to these opportunities, our client has enjoyed improvements in its brand perception.

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