User Experience Research

User Experience Research

UX research starts with the human experience

In a post-pandemic world, brands must view consumers as whole persons rather than consumers. Our Human Experience Center of Excellence offers unique approaches that help build human-centric relationships and experiences that inspire loyalty and drive growth. And our User Experience Research practice is key to establishing those relationships and delivering the outcomes you want.

UX research

Our customized, unique take on UX research

Creating successful user experiences involves more than exploring how people use a device or move through a website. It requires a scientifically based understanding of the emotional and rational aspects of decision making. Our UX research process begins by applying a decision architecture lens to the objectives at hand and crafting the engagement and analysis according to behavioral science best practices. The results empower your team to do what they do best: create great user experiences while achieving outcome-based objectives.

Escalent provides UX strategy, consulting, and user research services for marketing and communication organizations, designers, developers, product managers/owners, and research teams to build momentum and move development forward.

Find opportunities to trigger delight and deliver results with user research

Usage data can tell you where your customers are going and how they got there. But it can’t tell you why they chose a particular path or the reasons why they did or did not accomplish what they set out to achieve. Our user experience experts help you untangle perplexing results in your usage data and highlight where the experience falls short of its potential. These represent possibilities for building in ‘moments of delight’ that both satisfy people and present them with opportunities to make decisions that are beneficial to your brand.

Escalent’s Human Experience Center also includes Qualitative Research, Behavioral Science, Innovation and Design Thinking practices.

Creating great user experiences for people means achieving great outcomes for you.

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