Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Successful design thinking is built on empathy, insights and understanding

The iPhone. Airbnb. Uber Eats. Category-disrupting and category-defining products don’t happen by accident. They arise from design thinking. Design thinking produces remarkable results, solving problems and creating solutions people will embrace and promote. Yet too often, the voices of those people play a secondary role in the process. As part of Escalent’s Human Experience Center of Excellence, our Design Thinking practice provides an outside-in perspective that captures the empathy and insights needed to succeed.

Design Thinking

Leverage research-driven design thinking methods to create successful solutions

You have to understand needs before you address them. The design thinking for innovation approach is a well-established and proven one, yet lack of customer insights can affect the quality of outcomes it produces. Brands need an intimate understanding of people’s needs, pain points, and goals to identify potential white spaces, address root-cause issues, and create human-centered solutions.

Escalent takes a research-driven approach to design thinking that is grounded in a foundational understanding of people, their experiences, and the worlds they live in to highlight opportunities that are meaningful and relevant.

The convergence of design thinking and research

Research rigor in the early stages of the design thinking process ensures that brands are listening to and exploring how people behave, what they do when faced with a problem, and how they feel as they try to solve it. Our Design Thinking practice is committed to learning the audience. We infuse the design thinking process with research-driven insights that create understanding, promote empathy and learning, and lead to successful solutions. You can think of our disciplined process as “research-fueled design thinking,” and it is what sets Escalent apart from the competition.

Perhaps best of all, we deliver dynamically packaged results that continuously inform and inspire. Much like a deck of cards that can be dealt, shuffled, and dealt again, we package our deliverables in such a way that you can pull them apart, combine them, and then recombine them, to solve current and future business needs.

Escalent’s Human Experience Center also includes Qualitative Research, User Experience Research, Behavioral Science and Innovation practices.

Deeply understanding people and problems leads to more successful solutions.

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