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Careers & Culture

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Escalent is seeking individuals who want to accelerate our clients’ understanding of how their products and services can work better for people. We listen, learn, question, discover, innovate, and deliver—for each other and our clients. Click “Join Us” below to see our current openings. We’d love to hear from you.


Our Work Smart Philosophy

Transformation is in our DNA—and we’ve seen a ton of it over the last couple of years. Escalent strives to lead the way in defining the new way of work. Our Work Smart Philosophy is a global choice approach, including:

Flexibly virtual
Flexibly virtual
You choose when to work in the office.
Fully Remote
Fully remote
100% working from home or wherever you are.
4-5 days per week onsite required for some dedicated client roles.

Inside Escalent

How do we describe our culture? Fast-paced. Fun. Collaborative. Invigorating. Growth-minded. Purposeful. Whether it’s in person in our office or online, our kinetic team supports one another, makes each other better, and embraces a spirit of joy.

Moments at Escalent

We are a collection of moments. Take a peek into some of ours.

Humans of Escalent

For fun, we help colleagues around the world get to know each other. Watch and see that you can be human at Escalent.

Career Stories

You will grow at Escalent. Our people say it best.

Vivek Amin

I joined Escalent as a Senior Analyst on the Financial Services team. My first few years were immersed in learning about the nuances of this industry through a wide variety of both qualitative and quantitative projects. My manager and managing director guided me to explore my current role through the ‘Sales and Success’ pillar lens. My transition from an analyst to a client manager is just one of the many examples of career possibilities at Escalent.

Vivek Amin, Senior Director of Wealth and Institutional, Financial Services
Thandeka Mentor

I joined Escalent as an intern in 2019 and have spent the last three years working with wonderful people across various industries. I have learned so much and gained significant knowledge about the market research industry.

Thandeka Mentor, Analyst

I started my career at Escalent as an associate in 2021. Over the years, I have grown a lot professionally, thanks to working on many projects and learning alongside a great team.

Tanmai N. Hatwar, Associate
Kimberly Doherty

After graduating from college, I joined Escalent as part of the Automotive team. It was a cool experience to be able to run projects on my own, manage a team of staff in various locations, and work outside at some fun events like the Super Bowl! Over the years, I gained more experience consulting with our clients and managing other Escalent team members. I am grateful to work with an intelligent, caring, fun bunch—we truly act like family, in the best way.

Kimberly Doherty, Insights Director, Automotive & Mobility
Yogesh Narang

I joined Escalent as a system administrator and am now working as an IT consultant. Over the years, I have learned a lot in my domain and am thankful to the organization for providing so many opportunities to advance!

Yogesh Narang, Consultant, IT
Lucas Lowden

I’ve been fortunate to grow across my 15+ year career. I started on the "crash course of research,”—automotive product clinics. I transferred to auto teams and led our cross-functional, connected data program called DataDialogue to ingest, analyze/transform, and visualize fleet telematics data in a mobile app. Since then, I have been a Program Lead for our B2B audience, Fleet Advisory Hub. Focusing on this evolving landscape allows me to provide guidance to customers across vehicle manufacturers, fleet service providers, and technology and media companies.

Lucas Lowden, Insights Consultant, Automotive & Mobility
Kat Waller

At first, I was nervous about adjusting to a new work structure and industry. On my first day, my managing director said, "I have full confidence in your ability to do this job ... give yourself six months to fall in love with it before you make a decision." In the two and a half years I have been with Escalent, I have been able to progress from a Research Analyst to a Director of Research, and I could not have done it without the incredible backing of my team and the organization!

Kat Waller, Director of Research & Consulting, Qualitative

I'm grateful to be part of the Escalent team, where I can contribute my best work and grow at the same time. Awesome people all around me!

Shin Yang Yew, Senior Business Analyst

I started working with Escalent in 2016. Over the years, I have had ample opportunities to work on a variety of projects, research methodologies, and techniques across a range of industries. The company has enabled me to identify my strengths and build my confidence by trusting me to work independently.

Puneet Chaurasia, Project Lead
Stacy Sims

My Escalent journey began right out of undergrad. Little did I know, I would turn colleagues into a work family and find my home. My role has transformed and progressed over the past 15 years, challenging me to grow in ways I didn’t think possible. I am forever grateful my team took a chance on me years ago and continues to push me to be a better researcher and team member every day!

Stacy Sims, Vice President, Health Systems Practice
Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are a business of perspectives. Therefore, we are committed to reflecting a wide and diverse array of backgrounds, thoughts, and life experiences. We believe in the power of coming together to be stronger, helping each other see the world through others’ eyes. This makes our work better. Our thinking sharper. And our team more unstoppable.

Read more about our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts here.

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