Creating Excitement Scores™ to prioritize innovative smartphone features for development
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Creating Excitement Scores™ to prioritize innovative smartphone features for development

Excitement Scores helped us to prioritize those ideas that generated the highest interest with our consumers and allowed us to focus on ideas that will offer us the most breakthrough opportunities.

Business Issue

A major smartphone manufacturer wanted to position itself as an innovative brand by developing unique features on its next-generation smartphone. After the company completed initial qualitative idea generation and refinement, it turned to Escalent to evaluate and prioritize the 22 ideas it generated for further development.

What We Did

Escalent applied its proprietary Excitement Score to avoid the analysis paralysis that is so common when evaluating 22 concepts across six metrics. This method allows us to generate a score for each concept that encompasses all metrics and represents the probability that consumers will purchase the phone based on that concept. Our approach uses a driver analysis to ensure more important metrics have a greater impact on the Excitement Score among other techniques to ensure the Score accurately represents the concept.


Instead of looking across 154 data points to evaluate the concepts, we were able to reduce this to just 22 Excitement Scores, distilling the results down to one easy-to-read visual. Our client was able to determine—at a glance—which concepts are likely to be successful and worth developing, and they diverted development dollars to those ideas. Future concepts will be compared against these new benchmarks.

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