Developing a new brand platform to realize a utility’s vision
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Developing a new brand platform to realize a utility’s vision

Business Issue

A large regulated utility approached Escalent to help it develop a new brand platform. The utility understood that its brand would need to include future strategic initiatives to remain relevant as the demands of the energy industry evolve. Specifically, it needed to understand where it was and wasn’t meeting the needs and expectations of its customers, as well as how it was being perceived. To stay true to its brand promise, the client also wanted a tracking mechanism to deliver insights and provide recommendations as changes were implemented and as consumer needs and expectations evolved.

What We Did

Escalent launched a phased approach to evaluate brand positioning, creative concepts and key brand attributes. Our first phase tapped into data from the brand positioning and concept testing to establish a strong brand position and tag line. In subsequent phases, we revealed the brand attributes that were representative of key elements of the customer relationship, and identified the driver model structure to track brand performance going forward.


Escalent successfully helped our client build and roll out a new brand platform that fits its current initiatives as well as its vision for the future. It found our tracking tool invaluable for measuring customer perceptions, testing the impact and success of advertising and messaging campaigns, and informing potential corrective actions needed to maintain the health of the brand. Additionally, it uses key brand metrics derived from our work to continually evaluate new ads, products and services.

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