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Brand Evaluation

Deconstructing brand inspiration

Why do we have affinity for certain brands? Because we love the way they make us feel. We love their story. We love the fond memories they trigger. And we love that they inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. Escalent believes that a brand is an organic, living thing that, when managed wisely—and monitored obsessively—can become your most powerful asset.

Brand Evaluation

Put an evidence-based brand evaluation process to work for you

Escalent’s proven approach to brand evaluation helps you stay in front of your competitors. It systematically evaluates brand strengths and brands weaknesses, layering in the market view to pinpoint opportunities that will improve consumer perception, including authenticity.

People care about authenticity now more than ever. In many ways, it is the heartbeat of a brand. Escalent uses two complementary tools—Brand Power™ and Brand Authenticity Index™—to provide a detailed, evidence-based road map that our clients rely on to thrive in their markets.

Five brand evaluation questions that position you for success

Are you in the game? We assess where your brand stands now and how it performs across the funnel from brand awareness to brand consideration. Understanding critical moments gives focus to marketing.

What’s your score? A snapshot of your performance—including a Brand Power™ score—provides market tracking, positioning and strategic insights, and exposes competitor performance. Our Brand Authenticity Index™ is a natural extension of Brand Power.

Are the parts working? Breaking down how you are doing on the emotional and functional factors that drive brand performance identifies areas of concern and positions of strength.

Which parts matter? Isolate what matters. By combining importance analysis with current performance scores, you get a data-driven brand road map that points to success.

What’s your next move? A workshop with stakeholders provides clear brand insights and strategic direction, ensuring that everyone buys into the areas your brand needs to exploit, improve, monitor or reduce focus.

Inspire your customers to feel truly, madly, deeply about your brand.

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