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Brand Authenticity

Brand authenticity is inextricably linked to trust

Without authenticity, a brand is meaningless. Authentic brands inspire trust, loyalty and advocacy. But what does it mean to be authentic? And how do you know if what you’re doing is resonating? Escalent’s Brand Authenticity Index™ is a proprietary measure that not only defines what it means to be authentic but identifies the five dimensions that predict it.

Brand Authenticity

Measure the five dimensions that accurately predict brand authenticity

Based on thousands of brand ratings across multiple industries, Escalent identified five dimensions that accurately predict—and are diagnostics of—a brand’s authenticity: thoughtful, transparent, reliable, committed and socially aware. When these dimensions are properly combined, they capture consumers’ perceptions of your brand’s authenticity, identify strengths and weaknesses, and reveal how your brand compares to competitors.

We live in an always-on culture where brands don’t get a lot of do-overs. It’s imperative to know not only what your brand stands for but where you stand with consumers.

Add depth to your brand evaluation program with brand authenticity

Augment Brand Research Insights: The brand authenticity measure is easily incorporated into any brand research program to provide insights on your brand and competitors, today and over time.

Launch Custom Studies: Including the authenticity measure in a brand-focused program like drivers of brand choice or brand perceptions reveal powerful results that warrant a deeper dive to find out if your efforts to improve authenticity are paying off. Brand Authenticity is a natural extension of—and perfect complement to—Escalent’s flagship brand evaluation tool, Brand Power™.

Lay the Foundation for New Products, Messaging and Communications: If you’re developing a new product or planning to launch a campaign, it’s important to know how each will impact consumer perception. Escalent’s Brand Authenticity Index™ establishes the baseline you need to test the authenticity of your campaigns, using a minimal number of attributes that serve as diagnostics for your overall brand.

Supercharge your brand evaluation research by keeping it real.

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