5G and evolutionary tech: What’s in it for B2B?
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5G and evolutionary tech: What’s in it for B2B?

Business Issue

Our largest telecommunication client wanted to better understand how its business messaging resonated with B2B buyers. The client was especially interested in understanding how 5G messages were landing.

As 5G evolves, there is a lot of “noise” in the market—competitors are making claims about seamless 5G coverage, touting different types of bandwidth for coverage in urban versus rural areas and the benefits of the high-speed access to business operations. Many of these use cases surround other evolving and complex technologies, such as edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

All these different messages amount to a lot of confusion among business decision-makers regarding what these new technologies mean for their business.

What We Did

Escalent designed a qualitative study, featuring IT decision-makers (ITDMs) across business segments. This allowed us to dig into how our client’s 5G messages were connecting with buyers by industry, as well as identify which use cases were most important to each type of decision-maker.

Using our world-class qualitative team, we recruited decision-makers who live and breathe technology and telecom in their business. We conducted in-depth interviews with 25 ITDMs to get to the bottom of their expectations for the new technology, which companies they see as leaders in the 5G space, and which use cases were the most relevant to each ITDM interviewed.


Escalent identified the nuances of what influences business leaders’ decision-making processes. While these professionals served across very different industries, there were common themes regarding which use cases resonated most.

As a result, our client improved its messaging across every industry it served. And our client is using the results as part of its PR strategy.

This topic is constantly evolving as the new technology is rolled out across the US. We continue to monitor ITDMs for our client so it can create and modify messaging to ensure it continues to resonate with each customer segment.

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