Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

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Travel and tourism is a vast and delicate ecosystem. The complexities and interdependencies of the tourism value chain are unique and—as we know all too well—vulnerable to global crises. Airlines, hotels, and destinations are poised for a comeback. So are travelers. But they’re returning to a world profoundly changed. Escalent specializes in tourism and hospitality research, travel behavior, and travel investment strategy in an industry facing profound disruption.

Turn Disruption Into Opportunity Across the Tourism Value Chain

Changing traveler behavior

Many of us are hungry for the exotic and faraway. Others are opting for a cozy, closer-to-home holiday. The post-pandemic reality has shaken up the how, why, and where of travel decision-making. There is a new desire for fewer trips but maximized experiences

Tourism's digital future

Thanks to the pandemic, thousands of local booking agents, tour operators and travel intermediaries are no more. But disruption paved the way for new players, including tech-enabled companies offering choice, ease, flexibility. The future of travel is digital.

Business travel transformed

MICE industries pivoted to online events to survive. That’s been tough on MICE hospitality and MICE facilities. But business travel is bouncing back. The new mindset is ‘come for business, stay for leisure.’ MICE industries must adapt and optimize for the ‘Bleisure’ traveler.

Your Partner in Tourism Investment, Tourism Insights and Travel Market Research

Why we travel is a deeply human question. What do we seek? Is it adventure, culture, luxury? Or is it a post-pandemic craving for a familiar hug or a business handshake? As specialists in human behavior, Escalent provides global tourism and hospitality research, event strategy, and consultative support across the travel and tourism ecosystem.

We help cities, states, and nations position and protect their brand with research and analytics to fuel their destination marketing strategies. Escalent specializes in travel and tourism market research to support airlines, hospitality, online marketplaces, and travel intermediaries. Get the travel insights you need to go forth with confidence.

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