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Consumer Journey

Decoding the consumer journey is possible when you embrace messiness

We can’t always say why we do what we do—usually because we don’t really know. We just make fast, instinctive decisions based on emotion. Consumer behavior is messy, but it is possible to figure out what motivates people before they buy, when they buy, and after they buy. How? By capturing the physical and emotional engagement people have with a brand.

Consumer Journey

Decode human behavior with consumer journey research and consulting

We are not just acquirers of things. We are people, and we want to be seen as people. Escalent works with you to discover who people are and what drives consumer decisions at the most fundamental levels. We use layered consumer insights to define a journey, tapping into the online and offline triggers that move people from thought to action, as well as fast and slow thinking that includes the locating, exploring and dreaming in which a person engages.

Our consumer journey framework translates this deep understanding into why and how people choose, buy, and rebuy their favorite brands. It’s a proven strategy that has made many of our clients’ brands a hard habit to break.

Understanding the consumer journey is a dynamic process

The consumer journey is a complex decision ecosystem. Our approach dives into consumers’ mindsets, pre-shop behaviors, touchpoints and experiences while shopping, and post-shop behaviors. The process behind our approach includes:

  • Defining how your organization and consumers perceive success to achieve a shared understanding of goals
  • Combining qualitative, quantitative and existing data to uncover what matters
  • Layering and analyzing consumer insights to create a holistic view of people based on learnings that build and evolve
  • Using customer journey data visualization to socialize insights across your organization

Every journey is different, but the combinations aren’t infinite. It’s all about analyzing touchpoints, triggers, considerations, and decisions to identify the optimal number of consumer behavior patterns you can program against.

Make your brand a hard habit to break.

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