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Memorable, creative brand messaging begins with discipline

It may sound crazy, but we believe superior brand messaging is as much about discipline as it is creativity. And there’s definitely a method to our madness because we’re behind many of the world’s most memorable brand messages—the ones that strike such a deep, emotional chord that they have become part of the fabric of our society.


Eliminate the guesswork from finding your winning brand message

Well-crafted, sticky messages that communicate a brand’s core values have the power to inspire, persuade and motivate people to become customers. Escalent has been refining our brand messaging framework for years, and what makes us different is exciting. Literally. It’s our Excitement Score™, a powerful metric that eliminates the guesswork from finding your winning message. The Excitement Score provides an agile, unbiased approach to testing. When you add in deep industry expertise, you get a partner who delivers seamless insights in a uniquely intelligent way that makes the most of all your data.

Follow four steps for creative messaging to connect with audiences

Explore & Develop: Reveal incredible insights about what the consumer thinks and feels, which provides context for your key messaging strategy. We work closely with you to refine the preliminary message elements using innovative techniques to advance your messaging to the next stage.

Select: Armed with core message elements, we leverage advanced quantitative techniques including MaxDiff, Turf Analysis and other brand messaging exercises to isolate optimal wording and select the messages that offer the most compelling reasons to buy.

Refine: Once your messages are developed, we simulate a realistic environment using tools like text markup and eye tracking to determine which messages are achieving the desired brand impression.

Get Excited: Which message has the greatest potential to succeed? Using our Textalytics quantitative research, consumers reveal which elements enhance or detract from the messaging. Ultimately, you get an Excitement Score™ for each message that reveals “the winner.”

Let Escalent's Excitement Score™ reveal your winning message.

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