Insight Communities

Insight Communities

Nurture your most important asset—your customers—with Insight Communities

Have you heard? C Space, the market leader of online communities, is now part of the Escalent family. What does this mean for you? It means our ability to put you on a first-name basis with your customers is now stronger than ever. If you’re looking to build stronger relationships that deliver strategic impact to your organization, look no further. Let Escalent and C Space help you reveal customer-inspired solutions to grow your business.

Insight Communities

A direct dialogue that provides a clear view into customer insights

Insight Communities establish a two-way dialogue between brands and customers (or non-customers) using a private, online platform. Not only do they enable fast, continuous strategic insights into any business issue, but they regularly deliver greater cost and time efficiencies than traditional ad hoc research approaches.

Our seasoned experts use both quantitative and qualitative techniques to gather insights, a combination that is hard to find in the marketplace but inspires far deeper customer engagement. Best of all, insight community members feel like “insiders” and “influencers,” which fosters ongoing brand loyalty and advocacy.

Unleash the power of a customer insight community

Member panels are a gold mine of strategic insights because they allow you to engage people in direct dialogue to understand behaviors, desires and emotions. We believe there are three pillars to a successful insight community: technology, community management and research applications. All pillars work together to form impactful insight so you can:

  • Increase customer retention by better understanding their needs
  • Understand market and usage trends that influence strategy
  • Achieve business goals through direct access to customer and non-customer opinions
  • Innovate faster than ever while mitigating risk
  • Efficiently gather strategic insights from your target market on new offers and products

Whether small (hundreds) or large (hundreds of thousands), Insight Communities allow your most trusted stakeholders—your customers—to share rapid feedback while building brand advocacy. If you already have a community but are not getting the actionable answers you need, our experts will partner with you to get real value out of your community.

Gather continuous insights while building brand loyalty and advocacy.

Ask how an insight community can become one of your brand’s most powerful assets.

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